Motorcycle Safety: Riding in the Rain and Tips to Keep You Safe on the Road

Regular Servicing

The first tip is quite obvious but definitely a necessity! Getting regular maintenance on your bike will ensure that you don’t run into any misfortune while on the road and will be more likely to last a lot longer than a bike that doesn’t get the maintenance it requires. When getting your regular servicing done make sure not to forget your tyres! Having enough tread on your bike is very important to keep yourself safe riding while on the roads.

Choosing the Right Attire

If you know that it’s going to be raining before you leave the house make sure to put on the appropriate attire for riding in the rain! Waterproof apparel is always a winner when it comes to riding in the rain or there are even options like one-piece rain suits or heated gloves to keep you warm while riding. Another important piece of attire is your helmet! When picking a helmet it is often helpful to think of those rainy days ahead. There are helmets out there that are equipped with an anti-fog visor and some even have an electric defrost function and a breath guard. Another helpful tip would be to have a clear shield on so that you are able to keep your visor down and still see the road clearly and you don’t have any obstructions in your line of view.

Do a Safety Course

Even if you are a confident rider you can always benefit from doing a safety course as you won’t only learn about the rules of the road for motorcycles but you will also learn which appropriate actions you should take in the event that an unpredictable riding situation occurs on the road. A safety course can also help you practice your good judgement skills and safety skills for on-road situations.

Be Visible

From 2011-2020 there was a total of 2081 motorcycle fatalities in Australia and many were due to the fact that drivers could not see them. Whether you are riding in dry or wet weather it is important to make sure you are visible to others on the road. Some simple ways to do that would be to use your blinkers when merging, avoid other people’s blind spots and keep your headlights on or wear Hi-Vis or bright clothing when riding.

Watch for Hazards on the Road

There will always be hazards on the road whether you are riding in wet or dry conditions. Driving defensively enables you to anticipate traffic problems and road hazards. Sand, oil, and gravel might cause you to lose traction. Bumps and potholes are equally hazardous, so stay clear of them.

When riding in the rain, it is important to watch out for hazards on the road that you may not see when it’s dry. These hazards can include but are not limited to oil slicks, puddles, leaves, and grime. When you come across any of these hazards make sure to slow down and take them cautiously.

So there you have it, our top tips to keep you safe on the road in rain or shine. Just make sure your bike service is up to date before going for a ride, and check your tyres to make sure they are still good. Stay safe out there! If you’re ever unsure about a particular road condition, always err on the side of caution and assume that the condition is worse than it looks. Remember, safety first!

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