5 Tips on How to Make Group Motorbike Riding Safer

We’ve been thinking about hitting the road with mates again for group rides with temperatures on the rise and the end of lockdown almost in sight. One of the most enjoyable things about motorbike riding is that you can share it with others. Group motorbike rides can be a blast, but safety should always come first. Here are five safety tips for group motorbike riders!

Ride with people you know

Motorcycle riding is considered a hazardous hobby. When you ride in a group, it can increase the risk. It might sound like a fun idea to go on a group ride with new people on a new route, but it’s a recipe for disaster if you don’t know them or the route. You don’t know what their riding skills are like, and you could end up in all sorts of trouble if you’re not experienced. If safety is your number one priority, make sure to with people you know well. If you’re with a group of friends, that’s great, but it’s essential they know some details about you, like your next of kin and their phone number, to give to the emergency services, in the event of an accident. Group rides also mean there’s more chance one of the riders will see if you get into difficulty or crash, call for help, and be a witness to any incident.

Plan your route

Riding in a group of riders can increase the risk of injury or accident, and safety should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. It goes without saying that you should all have a very clear idea of the route you’re taking. If you’re not familiar with the road, then do a safety check before setting off, checking for anything that could cause danger along the way. Riders should know their surroundings and where they are going, and what’s around the next corner. It would be best if you discussed where along the route will be rest and fuel stops.

Know your positions

Before the ride, it is crucial to decide who will ride where in the group. Consider having the most experienced rider be the leader. The leader is positioned at the head of the group. There should be another experienced rider positioned at the back of the group who knows the route well if the group becomes separated. We also recommend placing the least experienced riders in the second position of the group or throughout the middle, so they don’t fall behind the pack.

Is it safe to overtake in a group ride?

It’s something that should be discussed before the ride, but there’s no reason not to if it’s done correctly and on a safe road with good visibility. The most important thing to keep in mind is to give the other rider adequate space, time, and notice before passing. Sit in a safe place behind the motorcycle’s right-hand rear quarter to view the rider’s face in their rearview mirror. Before you go out, stick an indicator on and leave it on for a second before moving; then, when you’ve completed your own inspections, move ahead and leave a good gap before moving left again. The rider you are overtaking should have plenty of time to see you and move over slightly to the left or put out their right leg, a sign that they have seen you and are aware you are passing.

What do I do if there is an accident?

You can be the safest rider in the world, but unfortunately, you can bet on other road users to be careless at times. Ride as safely as you can, and hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with an accident. In the event one does occur, the most important thing to do is warn the other riders and road users. If the crash is in front of you, put your hazard lights on and park your bike safely as you can. If it’s safe to do so, park at a slight angle with your hazard lights flashing. This can be used as a warning signal to other road users. If you spot the incident in your rearview mirror, you can still help and warn the oncoming motorists. Once you have parked up, standing down the road from the incident and letting the road users know what’s going on is an excellent idea.

With lockdowns coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather with your mates, but safety should always be a priority to ensure you have a fun ride. By following these simple safety precautions, you can make sure your next ride is one to remember! Be sure to contact Trooper Lu’s Garage for all your servicing needs before you head out on your next adventure! 




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