Tips to maintain your motorbike

When you buy your motorbike you never really think about what comes next however, it’s how you maintain your motorbike that will keep it running like new and prevent nasty accidents from happening. In this blog, we will go through what you should do to maintain your motorbike both at home and when you should take it in for a service.

Tyre Pressure

This tip is pretty straight forward but it’s definitely an important one. Doing regular checks of your tyre pressure can prevent poor handling of the bike followed by decreasing the risk of brake performance lacking. Low tyre pressure can also result in the tyre becoming high temperatures which is something you would want to avoid. It also ensures that you and constantly checking the quality of the tyres, if they have any wear and tear that needs looking after or if any punctures have occurred. If you make this a habit, you will be sure to not miss any issues that come from your tyres.


Your brakes should be checked before every ride. Doing so will decrease the risk of brake failure which would result in fewer accidents or incidents happening on the road. It is especially important to make sure they are in good condition when in poor weather conditions as this can affect the quality of the brakes. Another check you should do regularly is on your brake pads. This can be done by checking the material on your brake pads and if the wear on them is even. Once the brake pads are 2mm or lower, they will need to be replaced with new ones.


You should be topping up your oil often (depending on how much you ride the bike). This is important because it lubricates the engine and the gears. Not doing so could damage the engine or can affect the performance and durability of the motorbike. Once the oil gets low you may start to hear noises like grinding or clunking, this can cause many issues including your rods breaking. While you are topping up the oil, you can also check for any oil leaks. You can do this by looking at the engine (it’s best to get a light so you can see properly). You should do this with your bike turned on! If there is a leak, you would more than likely see it coming from a gasket. If this is the case, you would need to get the issue sorted as soon as possible before further issues occur. Pro tip before looking for an oil leak, give your bike a good wash beforehand! This will ensure that you won’t have any grease and grime covering the leak and make it easier for you to spot!


Get your motorbike regularly serviced. This will mean that your engine is getting a good service which will ensure the performance and durability will continue being efficient and will also help your fuel consumption. While your motorbike is getting serviced, it will include all the important steps listed above as well as getting the motorbike chain looked at, getting your coolant checked and topped up as well as an overall look over to make sure everything is still working perfectly. If you would like to know more about servicing click here.

I hope you found this blog helpful in understanding why you should maintain your motorbike and why maintenance is important and what things you can do to ensure your motorbike is safe on the roads. If you would like some more information about servicing or you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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