Best Motorbike For Kids

When it comes to minibikes, it’s clear that Yamaha makes the best motorbike for kids! Not only did they think about the safety features necessary for children to ride but they also thought of a rider-friendly design. You may be looking at getting a motorbike for your little one but want to make sure you are making the right choice. Don’t worry, in this blog we will go through all the reasons why Yamaha has the best motorbike for kids to help you make your decision easier!

About The PW50

The PW50 is very popular for beginners and is known to be the best motorbike for kids! Not only is it lightweight at only 39kgs for your little ones but it also has a low seat and comes with a fully automatic transmission so they can just get right on and ride it straight away! The durability and simplicity of the PW50 are second to none and surprisingly it also comes with a pretty good price tag to match making it a win-win situation for the kids and the parents. One of the best things about the PW50 is that it is low maintenance, coming with a shaft final drive which means it will have no chain maintenance and Yamaha’s exclusive autolube oil injection system which eliminates the need for fuel and oil premixing. Yamaha has really made it that simple!

Safety Features

Yamaha kept safety at the forefront of their mind when they designed this bike. Included in the PW50 is an adjustable throttle which allows parents to limit the top speed on the bike to suit their child’s skill level. They have also designed the bike with an enclosed shaft drive which reduces the maintenance chores. How good! How about shifting gears do you ask? Don’t worry, the PW50 has a fully automatic gearbox which means all the rider has to do is twist and go! The engine is a 49cc 2-stroke which means it will thrill your little ones without intimidating them.

Bike Insurance

If you are looking at buying a PW50 but want to make sure it is protected, Yamaha is currently holding a deal until May 2023! If you buy a new Yamaha fun bike before this date, you can insure your fun bike for only $130 annually! That includes cover against fire and theft, cover while your bike is being transported, and up to $500 in emergency towing and they will even pay up to 50% of the repair cost if you have an accident! With an easy claim process, it’s the perfect addition to your new PW50, the best motorbike for kids!

Best Motorbike For Kids

Now that you have some information about the PW50, why don’t you come in-store to check it out! We are located in Moorebank NSW just off Heathcote road. Alternatively, you can visit our website here or Facebook page here to see what else we can help you with. If you are looking for something in particular for your little one or yourself, feel free to contact us and we will be sure to assist you!

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