Yamaha MT-03 | The best motorcycle for beginners!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect motorcycle to start riding, look no further! The Yamaha MT-03 is the perfect bike for beginners and looks great on the road. In this blog, we will go through some of the main reasons why the MT-03 is right for you.

Smooth riding

Not only is this bike lightweight at only 168kgs, but it’s also the perfect design for a beginner. With upswept handlebars, you can easily feel in control as you sit more upright and can have a better view of the road. It also has a seat height of only 780mm which makes it easier for all riders no matter what their height to put their feet on the ground when coming to a stop. All aspects of this bike have been made with smooth riding in mind and that’s exactly what you’ll get when riding this bike, even with city riding!


There’s nothing worse than being stuck on the side of the road, having your bike needing repairs soon after you purchase it or needing to spend ridiculous amounts of money to fix it. By purchasing a Yamaha MT-03 you can have peace of mind knowing that your bike would be built to last! Yamaha isn’t a well-known and trusted brand for no reason.

Convenient LCD

One of the many benefits of the Yamaha MT-03 is the easy-to-read LCD meter. This is perfect for beginners as the layout is easy to understand, it shows the speed, RPM, fuel level, and temperature. This is all useful information that can be found at a quick glance. That’s one less distraction a beginner has when riding this bike around town!

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Even though the Yamaha MT-03 is targeted at beginners, it still boasts with style. This design will be sure to turn some heads when riding the streets! With a naked design and a hint of colour, it’s one of the nicest-looking beginner bikes on the road.

For a good quality bike like the Yamaha MT-03, it’s surprising how good-looking and affordable it is! There’s a reason this bike is the best pick for beginners and I’m sure you’ll agree. If you haven’t taken the MT-03 for a test ride, now’s the time. Trooper Lu are committed to helping you find the perfect bike to suit your needs. If you would like to take the MT-03 for a test ride or view our other bikes on hand, visit our showroom in-store or online today or click here to contact us and see how we can help you.

**What Yamaha has to say for their MT-03!

Smooth & Easy To Ride Power Delivery
This 321cc liquid-cooled two-cylinder engine features lightweight forged pistons and carburized connecting rods, delivering easy-to-manage power in the low rpm range with strong high rpm power. The extremely light clutch feeling makes the MT-03 even more fun in the city, while its offset cylinders and advanced fuel injection system ensures a smooth throttle response.

Dual Position Lights with Singular LED Headlight
The dynamic MT-03 looks cool with its dual angled position lights that emphasize its aggressive big-bike looks. A single compact and powerful LED headlight burns a hole through the darkness to light up the road ahead.

Aggressive Next-Gen MT Design
There’s absolutely no mistaking that the MT-03 is a member of Yamaha’s legendary Hyper Naked family. With its aggressive front light assembly as well as bold air scoops and a sculpted fuel tank, the MT-03 gives you the chance to become a true Master of Torque and experience the most dynamic ride in the class.

37mm KYB® Inverted Front Fork
The MT-03’s serious big-bike specification is underlined with the addition of an inverted KYB® front fork. Equipped with 37mm tubes and a cast aluminium upper triple clamp, the front end reinforces the bike’s high specification and delivers a confident and smooth ride during braking, acceleration and cornering.

Stylish LED Turn Signals
Light-Emitting Diode (LED) elements are used for both the front and rear turn signals. Not only do LEDs offer long life with minimal power draw, they provide brilliant illumination for confidence and visibility, during the day or night. The MT-03’s dynamic appearance is reinforced by the LED signals that perfectly complement the bike’s aggressive looks.

Dynamic Mass Forward Design
Yamaha’s Hyper Naked bikes are instantly recognizable thanks to their aggressive and powerful design. A sculpted fuel tank cover is designed to fit snugly with the rider while the lightweight air scoops enhance the look and feel of the mass-forward body design and highlight the dynamic MT family look.

Ergonomic Riding Position
With its compact body and low 30.7″ seat height, the MT-03 is a joy to ride whether you’re escaping traffic or having a blast out on the open road. Behind the aggressive bodywork, a specially sculpted knee area and fuel tank cover work with the high-mounted handlebars to provide an agile and ergonomic riding position.
Digital LCD Instrumentation
To match the MT-03 Hyper Naked’s radical looks, Yamaha has fitted a stylish LCD meter that provides easy-to-absorb information.

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