Shock Service (In bike)

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Motorcycle Shock Service for all makes and models.

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Shock Service consists of:

  • Assess suspension, suspension function and bushings in bike
  • Measure static and rider sag
  • Elevate bike to access shock
  • Remove wheel and required components to access shock
  • Remove shock
  • Inspect Shock external Condition and Clean
  • Inspect ALL shock bearings and bushings and clean
  • Remove Spring
  • Depressurise Shock
  • Remove Clips on Seal Head and Gas Chamber for Disassembly
  • Strips Shock and Remove Shock Shaft
  • Remove Valve Body and Components
  • Inspect Clean All Shock Components
  • Check Chrome on Shock Shaft
  • Flush oil/gas passages and ensure clean and in good working order
  • Reassemble with new seals NOTE INSPECT SEAL HEAD CONDITION – Replace if Required ADVISE CUSTOMER
  • Fill shock with fluid and bleed.
  • Test shock for leaks
  • Pressurise shock and test again for leaks NITROGEN PRESSURE (PSI):________
  • Reset All Adjustments to Customer settings or Customers Desired Settings
  • Install shock into bike
  • Re assemble wheel and removed components
  • Check sag and record
  • Road test

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