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Full Suspension Package

$1,399.00 Inc. GST

For most makes and models.


The Full Suspension Package includes:

  • Remove & Refit forks and shock
  • Complete fork service including new fork seals and new oil
    • Disassemble fork legs; Disassemble internals as required; Check fork bushes; Replace fork seals; Clean and wash all internal parts & check; Reassemble fork legs; Replace fork oil; Bleed damper rod as required.
  • Complete shock service
    • Inspect Shock external Condition and Clean; Inspect ALL shock bearings and bushings and clean; Remove Spring; Depressurise Shock; Remove Clips on Seal Head and Gas Chamber for Disassembly; Strips Shock and Remove Shock Shaft; Remove Valve Body and Components; Inspect Clean All Shock Components; Check Chrome on Shock Shaft; Flush oil/gas passages and ensure clean and in good working order; Reassemble with new seals; Fill shock with fluid and bleed; Pressurise shock; Reset All Adjustments to Customer settings or Customers Desired Settings
  • Replace forks and shock springs with specific weight rated springs to suit rider
    • Check spacers to ensure total spacer and spring free length correspond to what is required; Reassemble fork cartridge
  • Re-valve forks and shock to suit riders preferred riding style
    • Disassemble Compression valve body and assess valving for upgrades; Modify and reassemble Compression valving; Disassemble Rebound valve body and assess for valving upgrades
      Modify and reassemble Rebound Valving
  • Set riders sag once forks and shock are fitted back to bike

All component of suspension set up are covered and addressed in this service.


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